NBA Clients

For NBA clients, Sport International Group puts together a package of Pre and Post- Draft services, all of which are aimed to maximize their earning potential.

Pre Draft Services

  • Providing the player with strength, agility and skills trainers to prepare them for the NBA Draft.
  • Creating an individual strategic plan to attain highest possible Draft position.
  • Scheduling interviews and individual workouts with NBA teams.
  • Providing all media material for NBA teams, and making sure that Player has maximum exposure leading up to the NBA Draft.

POST- Draft Services:

  • Travel to city of NBA team to assist with housing, banking and setting in to day to day life.
  • Contract negotiation with GM and NBA team, with aim of earning maximum possible salary under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Working with SIG Marketing and Weatlh Management departments to find marketing opportunities and beginning a player- specific financial plan.
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